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In Celebration of the Opening of the Website
There Are Many Surprises Awaiting You!

How to participate in the activities?

  • Round 1, become our member
    Enjoy bonus points and rewards.
  • Round 2, recommend or share
    Recommend friends or share articles to draw great prizes
  • Mission complete
    You can be the next lucky winner!

Activity Rules

Activity time

May 29 – June 20, 2017

Raffle announcement

The winner list of this activity will be announced on this website on June 28, 2017, and winners will be notified through Email for shipping matters. Please pay close attention to the related information!

Activity participation

Round 1, become our member

Become a member during the activity period to receive free bonus points and rewards!

Round 2, recommend members/share articles raffle

Successfully recommend one friend to become a member or share articles on Facebook or Twitter and add the hashtag #InWineStoreOpen to participate in the raffle.
The more you recommend/share, the more raffle chances you get!

Awards description

Round 1, become our member

New members: 150 bonus points + 100 rewards

Old members: 180 bonus points + 200 rewards

(InWin official website and old InWin eStore members can login
with existing membership ID to gain more bonus points and rewards! )

Round 2, recommend members/share articles raffle

805 Infinity x 1

303 x 1

Mag Ear x 5

PRO-1 x 5


Bonus points 1,000P x 20

The Terms & Conditions

1.Qualifications to participate in this activity and delivery addresses of prizes are limited to the U.S.A region only; participants must be over 18 years of age and must be qualified to be an InWin eStore member.

2.Once members participate in this activity, it is deemed that members agree to the various activity specifications of the website, including the collecting, processing and using of personal information.

3.The acknowledgement of participants of this activity is limited to members who have logged into this activity website, made recommendations and shared articles. Logins, recommendations and articles shared that are not performed from this website are deemed as not having participated in this activity, and cannot enjoy related rewards and raffle rights and interests of this activity.

4.Bonus points and rewards received for becoming a member are limited to one time only.

5.The recommend member activity is only considered successful when the person recommended enters the recommender’s recommended code during registration, or that the person recommended registered through the recommendation link, and successfully passed Email verification within the activity period.

6.The mechanism of recommending more members or sharing more articles in order to receive more raffle chances is limited to recommending different members or sharing different articles. The participant will only receive one raffle chance even if the participant shared the same article several times.

7.The maximum quantities of dawing lots are 20 for each acount.

8.If the participant used improper behaviors to disrupt the fairness of this activity or has violated the terms and conditions of this site, InWin has the right to disqualify the participant. If losses were caused to InWin or other participants due to the improper behavior of participants, InWin has the right to seek compensation from the participants for the losses caused and the participant responsible shall bear all relevant responsibilities.

9.All products are subject to the actual products.

10.The organizer is not responsible for any delays, losses, errors, unidentified winners, or damage to prizes sent to winners due to causes such as computers, networks, phones, technical or other reasons that cannot be attributed to the organizer. Participants are deemed to have waived their eligibility without objection.

11.If there are related charges such as tax and handling fees due to winning the raffle, the fees are borne by the winners (except for freight).

12.All InWin activity participants guarantee that all information entered and submitted is true and correct. If there are participants who did not register their personal information, or where the information provided was not complete, false, wrong, or registered by using someone else’s information, resulting in InWin being unable to contact the winners or deliver the prizes, or if participants did not reply with the receiving information for the prize, did not properly fill out and submit prize receiving related information or pay the related taxes within the required time, the participants are regarded as unconditionally waiving their rights for winning and bear their own responsibilities. They no longer have any right to request InWin to deliver or claim any other rights.

13.The participation and winner qualifications of this activity cannot be transferred to any third party, which means that cancellation, return or exchange of products is not allowed, nor demand exchange for cash, bonus points, membership points, or exchange to other products or rights and interests.

14.If there are any unmentioned items for this activity, InWin reserves the right to change, pause, terminate and explain activity contents (including but not limited to participation qualifications, activity contents and raffle prizes etc.) Members who violate the rules of this activity are regarded as giving up all qualifications and related rights and interests unconditionally.

Winners List

Congratulations to all the raffle winners! The list of winners are below :

805 Infinity

Chris Hornback


Ryan Nambu

Mag Ear

Omar Bartolini

Shane Dickson

Haim Zeiri

Lisy Pomares

Chris Vega


Bill Wayman

trevor hart

Nicholas Papantoniou

dominic Illiano

Matthew M Muff


Dane Poitra

Daniel Wilcox

Chris Pomares

Jamie Andrews

Steven Bittner

Eduardo Veldi

Emilio Barrionuevo de Granada

Frank Liu

John Aponte

Ilya Drugov

Co Shock

Christopher Timberman

Derek Smart

J Ma

Henry Ma

Daniel Trahan


Mike Hodge

Jad Ariss


Ray Lam


Justin Sedita

Kevin Liu

James braga

Matt Sharp

Richard Gawthrop

Kris Canty

Heath Coop

William Stuart

Notification letters will be sent to the prize winners by email. The winners should reply to us no later than July 5th. If we do not receive the proper replies from you, you will not be eligible to claim the prizes.

Delivery of the prizes to the winners will be arranged in the middle of July. If you haven’t received any notification letters in your email, please login to the Membership Lounge and access the Customer Service Center to contact us. We appreciate the support of all the members of the InWin eStore!

The eStore will hold more activities at different times, please look out for them!