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Crafted by Human Hands

In Win

With over 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, In Win is better adept at utilizing different techniques to optimize characteristics of materials, achieving more sophisticated craftsmanship.

Sparking bursts of perfection between technology and craftsmanship.

Precision calculation of bend angles to achieve smooth, rounded metallic finish.


Traditional sand casting is used to create a natural, rustic look.

Shaping aesthetics

Industry-revolutionizing combination of full aluminum alloy with tempered glass is a blend of the strong and hard with light and transparent, exuding timeless elegance. 


Sophisticated metallic shine establishes the look of simplicity and elegance, black reinforced glass creates a subdued transparency.


Uniquely designed front panel allows light to leak through the hexagonal holes,the even spread of soft light creating a unique and fascinating visual treat.

Challenging the limits

Only In Win can surpass In Win! Nobody knows better than In Win about the characteristics of material and best use of different techniques, pushing technical limits to build stylish products with captivating technological aesthetics.


Overcoming difficulties in cross-section manufacturing process, precision CNC cutting technique and special assembly procedure to create one-of-a-kind layered all-aluminum chassis.


First-of-its-kind motorized transformer chassis with precision geometrical structure linked with mobile app.


Innovative use of automotive welding technique on the computer chassis reinforces stability. Each unique bent tubing is handcrafted, from bending, welding to assembly. The handcrafted smooth curvature not only exudes superb quality but also demonstrates functional beauty.

Thinking outside the box

Breaking from the mold of traditional thinking, In Win’s innovation is unlimited. The open-frame chassis is incredibly creative, its design unique and craftsmanship challenging, making each product a stunning work of art. For In Win, only In Win can surpass In Win!



--In Win 


2017-11-04 20:12:04

Really glad this was crafted by human hands and not robot hands! I hope whoever wrote this article also had human hands. The fact that y'all use human hands is a breath of fresh air in our ever changing technological world.

2017-09-09 13:20:07

Awesome article, really nice.


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