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Thinking sustainability for business longevity!

Since its inception in 1985, In Win has steadily built four production sites and five sales locations, establishing a strong foundation from R&D, manufacturing, production to sales. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 manufacturer, In Win specializes in mechanical and electro-mechanical engineering. Integrating its extensive experience in R&D, technology, quality and design, its scope of business encompasses computer chassis, server, power supply and cloud computing. Like its brand philosophy “style and innovation”, In Win continuously innovates, overtakes competitors to lead the market, expands industrial integration, improves manufacturing capability and creates high quality products, providing the world with the best integrated chassis solution. In Win’s commitment to quality has also established customers’ trust in the In Win brand.

Excellence comes from seeking perfection. In Win – beyond imagination, infinite possibilities…

Integrity in business. Innovative and surpassing

Having a great corporate culture is an intangible asset for business sustainability. At the core of In Win’s business concepts, which include “innovation, safety, service, warmth, speed, integrity, value and diligence”, is “integrity”, as it takes steps to realize the splendid future that allows for business sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability. Through its core competitiveness, In Win has created many eye-catching products that embody its brand spirit of “style and innovation”. In Win challenges the limits of technology and art, continuously makes improvements, breaks traditional molds, changes the role of the chassis in everyday living, and establishes a unique brand image. For In Win, only In Win can surpass In Win!

For In Win, only In Win can surpass In Win!


Business sustainability

“Integrity” is In Win’s most important asset; “people” are In Win’s richest culture. At the core of In Win’s corporate culture are its people, who are passionate, focused, innovative, and keep going in the face of difficulty and setbacks. Being focused allows the In Win people to make each detail better; being innovative gives In Win people the drive to persevere… adding another amazing chapter in In Win’s history toward a sustainable future.


--In Win 


2018-03-28 21:52:51

I believe that this brand is my new favorite for pc chassis , etc.

2017-09-09 13:20:25

Earned my trust.


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