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What advantages are there for becoming InWin eStore members?

The many benefits of becoming an InWin eStore member!

1. Able to enjoy the convenient quick checkout service when shopping.

2. Able to check personal order records.

3. Bonus points can be accumulated for every member consumption to exchange products according to the points collected (refer to bonus descriptions or go to Terms of Use>Bonus Points and Coupons to see more details).

4. Members can give reviews for products purchased, and receive bonus points.

5. Members can give reviews and leave messages for posts, and receive bonus points.

6. Members can receive bonus points when successfully recommended friends to join InWin eStore membership; the member that was recommended and becomes a member can also receive a 3€ Coupon (refer to Terms of Use>Bonus Points and Coupons>6.7 for details).

7. Members can turn bonus points into coupons.

8. Able to participate in member-only activities or enjoy member-only rights.

Become our member, Register Now ! 

How to become InWin Europe eStore members?

To be InWin Europe eStore members, please fill in your information on the registration page first. Our system will send you a verification email. After verifying, you can become InWin eStore members.

What advantages are there for recommending friends to become InWin eStore members?

Once a member has successfully recommended a friend to join as an InWin eStore member, not only can the member recommended receive an additional 3€ Coupon, the recommender will also receive 3€ Coupon for every member they recommended and successfully joined. The more friends you recommend the more coupons you will get! (Limited to 30 people each month. Refer to Terms of Use>Bonus Points and Coupons>6.7 for details).

How can I recommend a friend to become an InWin eStore member?

After logging in as a member, go to Recommending Friends in your Membership Lounge to see your dedicated Referral Code. You can give your Referral Code to your friends and the recommended person just has to register to become a member through the URL that you provided, or enter your Referral Code while registering, and if verification is successful, it means that you have completed the recommendation.

Do I have to become a member to order or purchase items?

You do not have to become a member when shopping at InWin eStore. You can shop as general visitors, but visitors cannot consume with bonus points or use coupons and also cannot enjoy member-only rights and interests.

What countries does the InWin Europe eStore cover in delivery?

Currently, the InWin Europe eStore delivers to France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ireland, Portugal and Greece, except OCTs (Overseas Countries and Territories).

How can I pre-order eStore products?

  1. You must be an InWin eStore member to pre-order a product.
  2. After becoming a member, please go to the product page and click on "Add to Cart". This will lead you through the ordering process. Remember to complete at checkout.
  3. A new order number will appear in your Order History at your Membership Lounge.

For more details please check your order history records.

What else should I know when making a preorder?

  1. Please pay attention to the estimated time for shipping before making your final decision for purchase.
  2. The pre-order delivery date is not equal to the day you obtain your product.
  3. Items that are on pre-order will be shipped from the date that is specified on the product page. If your order contains a pre-order item and an item which is in stock, both will not be shipped until they are both ready.

  4. Prompt delivery of the goods may be affected due to uncontrollable factors such as COVID-19 closures and weather events. We ask for your understanding and patience should there be any late shipment. In addition, we will send you an e-mail to inform you of the latest news.
  5. The pre-order quantity and limit of the product may vary depending on the product itself. For more details, please refer to the product page description.
  6. All activities related to pre-ordering products (ex. earning gifts or discounts etc.) are only deemed successful during the pre-ordering period stated on the product page. Please refer to the product page description to understand more.

  7. Pre-order is limited to members only. Each member can only preorder once per product.
  8. Adding products to the shopping cart does not mean that your pre-order is completed, only by completing at the checkout will it count as successful.
  9. Bonus points cannot be used in conjunction with a pre-order. However, coupons can be used when making a pre-order.
  10. If you would like to cancel this pre-order, please write directly to Customer Service mentioning your Order Number. Our representatives will help you cancel this.

What are bonus points and how can they be used?

Bonus points are viewed as a virtual currency used in InWin eStore. You can use your bonus points to exchange products on the website. Please confirm that you have sufficient points when exchanging and then click on the bonus button (it should show how much bonus points are needed for the product) on the product page and complete the checkout process to exchange it successfully. However, please note that every bonus point has expiry dates, please use them before they expire. Expired points are deemed as giving up the right to use the bonus!

How to accumulate bonus points ?

Find out more ways to earn bonus points below. For more information please refer to Terms of Use>Bonus Points and Coupons>6.7

Bonus Points Instruction
Register as members New members:150P  
Recommend friends to become members 3€ Coupon Recommend friends to join the InWin eStore with a Referral Code! After the invitee logs in and has successfully gone through Email Verification, you will be rewarded with a 3€ coupon to use for any single purchase. The invitee will also receive a 3€ coupon upon logging in. [ Limited 30 Coupons for recommendation/month (30 members) ].
Recommended by a friend and is a member 3€ Coupon  
Shopping 80P / For every 10€ purchase The bonus points will be deducted when returning your products.
Products Reviews 450P Members can write reviews after purchasing and receiving the product. Each order can be reviewed multiple times but only given 450P once per product.
Articles Reviews 50P Each account can write reviews up to multiple times. The reviewer gets the max. 50P for each article review. One can review up to 6 different articles worth 300P in total.
Article Publishing Permission 750P Main Articles written by you will be published in our blog under your consent.

Expiration date of bonus points

Bonus points are awarded on this website whether from purchasing, participating in activities, or giving reviews for products or posts. Bonus points received using different methods have different expiration dates.

1. Bonus points received from purchasing and reviews for products or posts:

Counted annually; bonus points received in the same year will be valid for three years counting from the year received. For example:

Bonus points accumulated from January ~ December of 2017 will expire on December 31, 2020;

Bonus points accumulated from January ~ December of 2018 will expire on December 31, 2021;

Bonus points accumulated from January ~ December of 2019 will expire on December 31, 2022 and so on.

2. Bonus points received from participating in activities:

The expiration date of bonus points awarded from irregular activities held by InWin eStore or individual activities are subject to the rules of each activity.

Bonus points not used within the valid date will automatically become invalid after the expiration date.

Under what circumstance will bonus points not be given?

Bonus points can be accumulated for all purchases except for the following items:

1. Freight

2. Processing fee

3. Tax

4. Returned products (the bonus points awarded during purchase will be deducted when product is returned)

5. Bonus points will not be awarded for products exchanged with bonus points

​6. If members are in violation with the Terms of Use for bonus points awarded, the bonus points awarded will be revoked.

Notes for bonus point usage

 Please note the following items before using bonus points:

1. The use of bonus points is limited to individual members only, bonus points cannot be transferred or donated.

2. Any product in the InWin eStore marked as exchangeable with bonus points can be exchanged for free with the amount of bonus points marked on the label; however, the freight is to be borne by the members themselves.

3. Some products have limited quantities that can be exchanged with bonus points; the product can no longer be exchanged with bonus points after the limited quantity has all been exchanged.

4. The bonus points can only be used to exchange products in the InWin eStore. They cannot be exchanged for cash or used to get discounts for freight, taxes or other fees.

5. Once the bonus points have been used to exchange a product, the product can no longer be changed for other products, nor can it be returned for bonus points (unless the product is out of stock or the product was completely taken off the shelf, or in other cases where the product cannot be supplied normally are not limited by this rule).

6. If the product exchanged with bonus points cannot be supplied, InWin eStore will return all bonus points used to exchange that product and restore the valid date of the original points.

7. If products exchanged using bonus points need to be returned, the bonus points used to exchange the product will not be returned (unless the product has severe flaws, then it is not limited by this rule).

8. Please go to Bonus in Membership Lounge to check your remaining bonus points and usage record.

9. Products exchanged with bonus points also enjoy the same warranty rights and interests.

​10. This website reserves the right to change, pause and terminate this activity and the conditions of this activity (including but not limited to the qualifications for participation, the calculation method of the accumulated points, exchange method, feedback item and exchange standard).

11. For all details on bonus, please refer to Terms of Use>Bonus Points and Coupons

What are coupons and how can they be used?

A coupon is an access right to a discount. This right of access is controlled by a coupon code. If you have a valid coupon code, you can activate the discount by entering the coupon code when purchasing a product.

How to turn bonus points into coupons?

When you join in as one of our members the bonus points can be converted into coupons (Go to this page / screenshot). By clicking on the conversion button, you agree to bonus points turned into discount coupons. Please be noted that this action is not reversible.

Expiration date of coupons

Please note that every coupon has expiry dates, please use it before it expires. Expired coupons are deemed as giving up the right to use them. Converted discount coupons can be used for up to three years in total.

Under what circumstance can coupons be used?

Different coupons have different validity, special offers, or discounts which will be mentioned when you visit your Membership Lounge>Coupon. Each corresponding coupon description will be shown and an estimated time frame for when the coupon is available for use.

Notes for coupon usage

  1. There is no cashback if coupon value exceeds retail pricing.
  2. Please refer to Terms of Use>Bonus Points and Coupons for more information
  3. If products bought using coupons are returned, the coupons used to buy the product will be disqualified.

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