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Manual bending Perfect curves


Extraordinary craftsmanship Stunning perfect starlight curves

In order to fully satisfy your need for quality, InWin has always committed itself to exquisite and professional craftsmanship. “Bending” is one of the many craftsmanships that can be demonstrated in cases most vividly. Such streamlined lines are formed by using laser technology to accurately cut the aluminum alloy plate, and then in the next process using a bending process to bend the flat aluminum alloy metal, using a wedge knife to press the metal that was cut into a V-shaped groove opening to make it bend to the angle needed in order to display smooth and seamless lines.


Complex quenching Ultimate display of ingenuity

The thin bending effect of every smooth line and every component requires masters with rich experience to use evenly distributed power to create the perfect angle and form the meticulous beauty of craftsmanship and zero-error precision, allowing every piece of InWin product to display a bright and smooth metal quality while allowing customers to feel the warmth of attentive hands.

You can realize from the most representative S-Frame and 9 series image cases that the angle of every process is almost perfect. Whether for the elegant and luxurious style or simple and stylish style, you will marvel at such visual enjoyment and be stunned by the smooth seamless aesthetics. We have exceeded the pursuit for craftsmanship and allowed every workpiece to become a synonym of artwork and worth collecting forever.






2018-06-21 04:39:00

Wow. Didn't know it took so much to bend curves! Thanks for the info!

2018-06-21 04:39:00

No wonder those cases are so expensive.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Woah. Inwin has the best professionals at hand.

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