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Rose Without Thorns, Beautiful CNC Process


The CNC process naturally forms beauty and smooth grips

The quality of every product produced by InWin is assured. From its image case S-Frame and 9 series products, to the stylish accessory mouse pad Batmat, all have the smooth grip brought on by the CNC process. Every workpiece to become a synonym of artwork and worth collecting forever. You will instantly fall in love with InWin’s exquisite craftsmanship the second you touch our products.

The S-Frame is the extreme exertion of InWin’s CNC process. First, a large 4mm area of aluminum alloy is cut by laser to form the main structure of almost 2 meters, and then the high rotation speed feature of the CNC processing machine is used with a diamond cutter as the cutting tool to smooth the edges of the aluminum alloy to give it a smooth grip, and a slightly bright rounded arc is added to make the overall form neater and brighter so that you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers when touching the S-Frame.

The 909 case also fully displays InWin’s superb CNC process. It has an appealing C-shaped cut angle that gives it a simple and classic overall style, making it an exquisite indispensable work of art.

The most famous thing about the CNC-processed mouse pad Batmat is its smooth red batman design. When you touch the mouse pad while using your mouse, you will be shocked by how comfortable it feels. The arc design does not cut the fingers and is deeply favored by customers all over the world. 

This troublesome CNC process not only allows the products to be smooth and beautiful, you will also feel the thoughtful services provided by InWin to the customers.





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