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Aluminum Alloy─Style And Elegance


Lightweight aluminum alloy with extreme plasticity created InWin’s kingdom of 30+ years of brilliant craftsmanship 

Most of the case manufacturers used galvanized steel SECC materials in the past due to cost considerations. But as everybody has higher demands for appearance and quality, cases made with other materials were made in response to this. Aluminum was most widely used due to being lightweight and meticulous. It also has a stylish and elegant metallic glow, as well as performances such as soft, easy to process, impact resistant and corrosion resistant, etc. It is especially suitable for multi-processing including bending, stamping, polishing, sandblasting and laser engraving, etc. to display high-end cases.

Raw aluminum materials were first carefully processed, and then smelted with high temperature while blending in other metal compositions including silicon, magnesium, copper and iron, etc. to refine it into durable and high quality aluminum alloy. InWin had the foresight and was the first to inject aluminum alloy materials into one of its main stream case product series. You will be shocked by how simple aluminum alloy can display so many different types of looks. 

909 is famous for its simple modern style, which is made with seamless 4mm aluminum alloy; the refined and thick material along with the simple beautiful back design allowed the overall case to be more elegant, neat and beautiful.

The open structure S-Frame even displays the aluminum alloy material to its ultimate. It uses a whole piece of aluminum alloy and the hair lines on the surface displays natural, beautiful lines along the bends. Only aluminum alloy is able to display perfect and ultimate seamless aesthetics after undergoing a series of hard work.





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