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Project Redox II - By August

August L

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Hello there! It's time for a new update, I've been quite busy lately with Christmas coming up and I decided to spend a little bit more of my time with my family and just taking it easy, I'll be getting back on it this week though, starting with a little update!

The SSD's have been disassembled and are recieving a custom finish, the indents that follow the original decals will be filled up and the SSD's will be painted matt black, I will also add a few logotypes on them.

Where we have a few pictures!

That's all of this little update, I will post a progress update the coming week, Thank you all for following!



Time for a new update! School has been stressful as usual but nothing out of the ordinary, in this update I will be covering the mods on the ssd to fit the theme, as most of you know, Intel 730 series SSD's have an indentation and a soft curve across the ssd, I didn't quite like it and I didn't think it would suit the build so I decided to fill it up, I then sanded down the extras and made sure there was a smooth transition between the filling and the original case. Then I primed the SSD cases and painted them, to complement that I got some custom decals.

Here we have some pictures!

Note that I'm not entirely pleased with the finish of the second SSD so I will be sanding that down and redoing it, meanwhile for the next update I will be showing you how I fastened the fans to the case using the custom spacers, see you next update!

It's time for a new update! My head is filled with ideas to do to the system right now but I had to take a small break to give you guys a quick update before I tear everything apart and continue working. The fan brackets are now fastened to the midplate, they are fastened using M4 screws and a few custom 42mm spacers, these had to be used to give enough clearance from the motherboard to be able to fit a radiator behind the fans, the whole contraption is a lot more sturdy what I expected and should have no problem holding the weight of 2 fans and a radiator. 

The spacers will stay in their original aluminium finish to blend in with the other aluminium details, but the brackets themselves will be given an extra touch with some lettering and a few splashes of paint.

Then to the latest addition to the build, the CPU has arrived! 

It is no less than a Intel Core i7 5820K CPU that will be powering this build, and it should suit the GPU's just fine once I get to picking the ones I actually want. Here we have some pictures.

The rest I am saving for the next update!

Stay tuned.



Hello there! I thought I'd launch another update now while I've got some spare time.

The latest addition to the build is an extremely good looking SLI bridge from EVGA, this has been given it's own special touch to fit the build, pictures will be shown further down.

Roughly a week ago I was sitting and looking at the computer, and I realised that the new backpanel that I made looked a bit dull and could use some touching up, so I decided to stance out the REDOX logo across the panel to make it stick out a bit more, the text would also act as tiny gaps to reveal the backside of the computer, so that you could see the cables running across and the SSD's that I will be mounting on the back fairly soon. It was a tedious job but I think it turned out great, a hundred+ holes later and a few hours with the hand file and it was finished!

Here are the results

Hello everybody! I decided to post a short text update while waiting for some new parts, and I didn't want to rush an update. This update will be covering some news about the project, and also some new purchases. Great news!

EKWB decided to step in and support the project with some watercooling gear, a huge thank you to EKWB the people at for making this possible.
I will be covering the parts I am recieving hopefully, next week. So with all that, it's not much left on this project.

Final stretch incoming! 

There's also a package with a kit of Crucial DDR4 2133MHz 32GB (4x8GB) on its way to my door.

Next update will be covering the modifications to the fan brackets, start button and hopefully some scratch cables, if I recieve all the supplies in time. Until then, have a good time and I will see you next week!



Hello there! I thought I should throw out a little update before I take my short vacation, a few packages from EKWB Should be arriving in time for next weeks update, so expect a few new parts incoming! This update will mostly be covering the new RAM modules.

At last I recieved my set of 32GB Crucial DDR4 memory, (2133MHz, 4x8GB)

These sticks were given their special touch with old heatsinks from DDR2 OCZ Reaper ram sticks, the heatshinks were given their own rust finish to suit the build

Here we have some pictures!

As you can see the project is starting to come together, the only things missing are the graphics cards and waterblocks, the rest of the watercooling willbe arriving and hopefully be showed in the next update.

Expect an update soon regarding the SSD's as soon as I figure out where I want to mount them, thank you all for following! See you next week.



Hello there! I will start off by showing some of the new components for the build, I'm happy to say that 2x GTX 970 reference cards are at the post office and will be showcased in the buildinglog by the weekend, but for this update I decided to showcase something a bit more special, actually a package from EKWB that kindly stepped in and decided to contribute to this build, a huge thank you!

What's shown in the pictures are

EKWB SE Coolstream 240 Radiators
EKWB DDC Pump / Acetal top & black cover
Mattblack 16/10 tubing
EKWB 16/10 compression fittings
EKWB G1/4 pass-through
And a bottle of EKWB clear coolant

The only things missing in the watercooling department are the waterblocks and a few angles that should be arriving soon. Here are a few pictures!



Hello there! It's finally time for a new update as the new graphic cards have arrived and are slotted into the motherboard, so I thought I'd post a new update including some of the watercooling supplies and the new GPU's inside the computer, unfortunately this update was slightly delayed as I first ordered 2 Gainward GTX 970 cards and quite quickly changed my mind and went for the EVGA 970's instead. As they had much better looking waterblocks. 

But now the cards are here and the build can finally continue! The waterblocks for the GPUs and CPU will be purchased this weekend hopefully and you can surely expect some more modding throughout the coming updates.

Onwards to the pictures!



Hello there! I'm back after a short break as I'm mostly waiting for ny parts, finally the new CPU block has arrived and already recieved a rusty finish, most of the watercooling parts will be given some kind of touch to suit the build a bit better but I'm uncertain on what I will be doing to the components as I do not want to overwhelm the build with rust.

The new reservoir also arrived, though I can't make up my mind where to place it, I have a few ideas and I'm thinking of doing something a bit odd and make it poke out from the back of the PSU, what do you guys think?

The fan brackets have been removed and also got a rust finish, now I'm just waiting on some custom decals with different texts and logos to blend the rust a bit further. We're getting closer and closer to assembly!

Unfortunately I haven't recieved the GPU block yet as it has been delayed by the post office, but apart from that only a few modifications need to be done before I can start assembling everything. A big thank you to everyone who's following the buildlog 

I really appreciate your feedback. See you next week!



Hello there! I've fiddled around a bit more with the computer during this weekend and though that this would be a suitable time to post a little update regarding the waterblocks. All of the waterblocks have been mounted and test fitted on the motherboard for some glamour shots. I must say, I absolutely love the look of everything put together, and I think it will improve even more once the GPU blocks have gotten a few custom touches to fit in further.

The GPU blocks are currently untouched, but they are on the queue to get some custom touches in the modding department. Nothing huge but a few minimal changes to make it fit the look of the build.
Also, some good news! I spoke to BeQuiet! and we decided to send me one of their new PSU's from their Pure Power lineup, which I think will suit the build perfectly. So that will defintely be featured in the build log next week.

Onwards to the pictures!



Hello! The new PSU has arrived and recieved some time in front of the NEW CAMERA!

I've just updated my go-to camera to a fullformat mirrorless one from Sony, to replace my previous Canon EOS 750D. The new camera is the Sony Alpha 7, so hopefully you will notice a big difference in the photos

I appreciate all the feedback that I can get so don't be hesitant to tell me what you think!

The power supply in question is the newest edition from BeQuiet called the Pure Power 9, 700W.

If you've got any questions regarding this new product, feel free to ask!

The project is on the finishline and the only things missing are the angled fittings for the watercooling, they are ordered and on their way. So it shouldn't take too long to finish this project!
Onwards to the pictures.

As always, thank you so much for following!
See you next update



Hi there! I had some time over and decided to post a small update, not a lot has happened since the last updated as I'm still being held back by the fact that my fittings still haven't arrived. Hopefully they should arrive soon. I took the motherboardplate to my brothers job and drilled out the holes for the pass-through fittings, these are to act as channels for the CPU, GPU's and one of the two radiators. A total of 5 pass-throughs. The rest is just a mockup to get a perspective on how everything's going to look, unfortunately I can't show you how I am routing the tubing as the angled fittings still haven't arrived and it is impossible to tube the build up without it. 

Next week I'll get an update out on the mods I am planning for the GPU's, PSU, reservoir and what not. Until then, thank you for following! See you next update.



Hello there! Time for a short update with some good news! All the fittings have arrived and I'm looking forward to putting this beast back together during the weekend. All the components have been tested again to ensure that everything works properly. So it shouldn't take a lot of time until this is put together and in order.

It's alive!

The only things missing are the fasteners for the GPU's which I am yet to figure out, and re-painting the SSD's. I've taken some pictures to give you a brief view on how the tubing is going to be routed. I'd like to thank everyone for following this build, not too far until completion!

The new PSU has received its own touch with the help of a rusted fan grill and a rusty outline along the fan, I decided to mount the reservoir on to the grill of the PSU to give it an external look and hopefully gain some more attention on the back part of the case.




Hello everybody! it's time for the final update as the build is complete and the pictures have been taken. 

I would like to thank all of you who followed the build, I've truly appreciated all the feedback and you guys have really kept me going!

I'd also like to thank me beloved sponsors who helped me complete this projekt, it simply wouldn't be possible without them. Huge thanks to InWin, EKWB, Gigabyte and BeQuiet!

List of components:
CPU: Intel i7 5820k
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-X99-UD3
RAM: Crucial DDR4 2133MHz 32GB (4x8GB)
SSD: Intel 730 240GB
SSD: Intel 730 240GB
PSU: BeQuiet Pure Power 9 700W
FANS: Noiseblocker E-loops
Radiator: EKWB CoolStream PE 240 (x2)
Pump: DDC (EKWB top & heatsink)
CPU block: EKWB Supremacy EVO
GPU block: EKWB GTX 970 EVGA block (x2)
Fittings: EKWB
Reservoir: EKWB X3 250 Res

Onwards to the pictures! I hope you like them.

Thank you for following!


Mod By August L



2020-05-15 16:18:16

Amazing custom paint job, looks the business

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