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AuroraAddressable RGB Case Fan


Addressable RGB Case Fan
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Customize your battlestation!

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Gain 80 Rewards / 800 Bonus Points for this product.
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Aurora fans can only be synced with the motherboard with addressable RGB headers by using the included addressable cable.

Innovation Unleashed!

Unveil your creativity in a totally customizable experience! Push the limits and take control of your fans.

Addressable RGB LEDs

Each independent LED displays a vast color combination.
They intermix to provide an astonishing lighting effect with the running fan blades.

Exclusive Software

Aurora’s exclusive software grants you control! Choose how your LEDs represents your battlestation, determine the brightness level and even decide the speed of your lights!

Tidy Those Cables!

Get rid of complexity. In Win’s patented modular connector design purifies the cable management area in your stunning rig.

By using our exclusive addressable RGB cable to connect to a motherboard’s addressable header, the PC’s LEDs can be synced by the motherboard.

*The addressable RGB cable can only be used with the motherboard with addressable RGB headers, and all the functions will be controlled by the motherboard.

To provide a better RGB lighting experience, each led is embedded with a special IC Chip inside. Through this installation, the Aurora fans and the LED strips can present an array of colors simultaneously, which also creates various RGB lighting effects.


The modular connector design allows each fan and LED strip to link with each other, which also provides tidier cable management. By doing this, users will have a totally customizable experience.
Aurora can speed up the revolutions for better cooling performance.A useful feature when overclocking and pushing PCs to their limits.

( Speed : 2000 RPM / Air Flow : 57.6 CFM / Air Pressure : 2.77 mm/H20 )