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In March,Win the Madness

March 17th - 18th, 2019
Champions Build Here!

Participation Requirements:
You must be an InWin eStore Member in order to participate in InWin’s March Madness Tournament Challenge. You must reside or be able to provide an existing U.S. address in order to receive any of the top prizes. Failure to do any of the above requirements will result in an automatic disqualification.

How to Play and Rules:
The March Madness Tournament Challenge revolves around men’s college basketball (NCAA Division I) playoff system. A total of 68 teams participate and compete until a champion is crowned. There are seven total rounds and are defined as followed:

Round 1: 4 Games
Round 2: 32 Games
Round 3: 16 Games
Round 4: 8 Games
Round 5: 4 Games
Round 6: 2 Games
Round 7: 1 Game

Predict the winners of each game during the March Madness Tournament. You earn points for each game correctly predicted, and no points if chosen incorrectly. So, choose wisely! There is a total of 388 points and a tie-breaker, which is also required for participants to predict the final score of the finals. The participant with the most points and the closest to the championship’s final score (if necessary) will be deemed the winner! Should a remarkable tie still occur, InWin reserves the right to make the final overall decision in the manner we see fit.

You must choose the winners of each game prior to the beginning of the first game played. Once the first games are played, the selection process will automatically end, and you won’t be able to participate.

Only one entry per member. Any members caught doing multiple entries will automatically be disqualified. This is a friendly competition and we want all participants to have a fun and have a fair shot at winning. So, no cheaters allowed! :P

We will award the top three scores with a first, second and third place tiered prizes. The prize list is as followed:

InWin reserves the right to alter the prize list if necessary. If any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through social media or the Contact Us section on our eStore. Thank you and good luck everyone!

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