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InWin NFL Pick’em
Everyone’s a winner!

Guess Your Team

The NFL season is beginning!

We have a challenge for the InWin community!
Do you have what it takes to pick the winning teams?

If you know your football, great, you have an advantage! That said, if you are just a causal NFL fan or not even a fan at all, the odds are still in your favor! Why? Well, unless you finish with zero points, everyone wins at least a little something in this event.

How to Score Points

There are a total of 17 Weeks in the NFL regular season. Each week, you will try to predict all of the NFL winning teams. Choose the correct team and you will earn one point. However, if you predict the wrong team, you will lose a point. So choose wisely.

To ensure that no one takes the easy way out and tries to cheat, it is required for you to choose each game during that week. In other words, if you opt not to select a game in fear of losing a point, you still lose a point! No cowards in football!

This might seem a little tough but there are safety measures in place to make sure everyone can stay in the game despite a terrible week of picking. For example, if you are choosing between 16 games and choose 6 games correctly with 10 games incorrectly, you will have 0 points instead of -4 points. This means you can never have lower than 0 points.

The more points you have the better. There are two opportunities to win. The halfway point of the season will allow many people to win. More on that in the prizes sections. However, the person with the most points will be awarded with the top prize!


Did somebody say prizes?!
Yes, there are two opportunities to win throughout the season.



Halfway Point

At the halfway point, 10/28, each participant will receive a coupon with discount percentage equivalent to the points earned. For instance, if you finished the halfway point with 15 total points, you will have a total of 15% off eStore. You must use the coupon before 12/29, the end of the regular season. The maximum percentage that will be accounted for is 25% off. So if you have 30 points, you still only have 25% off.


J**n Co*g*o



1. Participants must be an InWin eStore member to participate.
2. The contest is available to the U.S. region only. Each participant may only submit predictions once per week.
3. Percentage points earned for the eStore during the halfway point cannot be applied to other running promotions. They must also be used during the given timeframe. Any points not used after the timeframe will surrender the points. No excuses will be accepted.

Choose Wisely!

First week brackets available on Sept. 2nd

Guess Your Team

NFL Schedule - 2019

Sunday, December 29

Forecast time ends before the start of the race,

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