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InWin Green Inititiatives


For InWin, environmental policy is not a slogan but the day-to-day activities of the factories. Behind each seemingly insignificant action are InWin’s endeavor to cherish resources and protect the Earth, and making Earth a better place.


Green materials

Understanding materials and effective utilization of their characteristics to achieve optimal product performance is the concept of InWin’s green initiatives. As one of the most abundant metals on Earth, aluminum is non-toxic, light, corrosion-resistant, dissipates heat well and may be repeatedly recycled and reuse. Glass is characterized by its 100% recyclability and it can be reuse repeatedly after being used for its original purpose. Using non-polluting materials in its production and design, InWin is first to combine aluminum alloy with tempered glass, creating stylish, new-generation computer chassis.


Limiting use of hazardous substances as raw materials

Continuously making improvements, InWin implements stringent control over raw materials (e.g. metals, plastics, ink and packaging boxes) used in the manufacturing process, reducing or stopping the use of environmentally hazardous substances so as to mitigate their environmental impact.


Improving exhaust gas handling

To allow future generations to continue enjoying sunny, clear blue skies, InWin continuously strives to improve exhaust gas handling. Gases produced during the coating process are collected by filtering tower and hazardous substances treated with activated carbon, improving the efficiency of exhaust handling and reducing environmental impact.

ng used for its original purpose. Using non-polluting materials in its production and design, InWin is first to combine aluminum alloy with tempered glass, creating stylish, new-generation computer chassis.


Reusing resources

Volume reduction and recycling are implemented during component production and assembly processes, including use of recycled water in the surface treatment process, and material segregation, recycling and reuse during the injection molding process. To facilitate identification of plastic components, molds are marked in accordance with ISO11469.


Waste segregation and recycling

During product design phase, components are designed for easy disassembling. Not only does it facilitate product assembling but also allow for segregation of different materials for recycling. During the manufacturing process, wastes are minimized and reuse. Non-reusable materials or parts are handed to recycling companies for disposal.


Raw materials with recycled content

As far as possible and under stringent quality control, metals, plastics and ink used during manufacturing should contain appropriate recycling rate

(Raw material with recycled content = new raw materials + reprocessed raw materials made from recycled materials/parts)


Environmental protection and energy conservation start small

Ever-present environmental campaign posters, eye-catching slogans about cherishing Earth’s resources, and labels indicating guidelines for recycling and waste segregation, are efforts by InWin to raise awareness about environmental protection. For InWin, environmental protection and energy conservation go beyond continuous improvement of raw materials and manufacturing process/ equipment; they are also found in every small day-to-day action. Starting with itself, InWin hopes to encourage every person in the world to join forces and work toward protecting our beautiful world.



--In Win 


2018-06-21 04:39:00

It's great that InWin is trying to stay environmentally friendly.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

I'm glad to see that In Win is being eco friendly. Not many companies even bother to be green on their own will. Very excellent that they deliver amazing products while still being eco.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Not many computer companies would take the time to help create an Eco-friendly business to help the world. Keep it up!

2018-06-21 04:39:00

I love the message about the eco-friendliness business. It is always satisfying to see a brand go eco-productive.

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