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InWin iEar Headset Hanger


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They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep; unless your an octopus, then it starts with a single suction cup. That may not seem relevant but when you consider this is my first time to review here at PureOC, and the product is the InWin iEar headset hanger, then maybe the correlation makes a little sense. Let’s begin with a brief explanation about who InWin is.


InWin Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis, power supplies and digital storage devices, is the leading provider of enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. Founded in 1985, InWin provides high quality chassis that conform to all safety regulations, as well as unsurpassed customer service.


Specifications and Package

Everything here is pretty straightforward. A suction cup on one end allows you to stick this to most cases while the simple design ensures your headphones won’t slide off. Let’s take a look at the full features list.



  • Smart Suction Cup Design for Convenient Positioning
  • Twist ‘n Lock feature for Easy Installation and Removal

  • Compatible with Headphones or Earphones

  • Supports Headphone up to 43mm width

The packaging is nothing complicated but should be plenty to keep the little knob safe.


On the back side, you can see the smooth rubber suction cup that is used to hold the iEar to a smooth surface. A simple quarter turn while the unit is placed against a surface creates the suction used to hold the unit in place.


The weight this unit is supposed to handle is 1500g max. While that makes sense to most of the world, a quick conversion showed that it could handle just over 3 lbs for those of us who aren’t familiar with the metric system. (i.e., Americans) Here’s the full list of specifications including the dimensions.



  • Max. 1500g
  • Material: Plactic

  • Product dimensions (L x W x H): 72.4 x 66 x 54.4 (mm)

  • Net Weight: 57 g


Testing and Final Thoughts

At this point, we need to make this review interesting. The most important detail about the iEar is whether it can hold your headphones without slipping off, especially if you happen to own an expensive set that you don’t want hitting the floor. To test how stable this is, I suctioned it to the side of my case, then balanced a 5 lb weight on it. This is nearly 2 lbs over the recommended max weight so after a few days, if the weight didn’t fall off, then it would probably be safe for headphones without any issues.

Three days after the initial setup, neither the weight nor the iEar hanger budged an inch. In fact, when I took it off, it didn’t feel like the grip had loosened even a little bit from when I first put it on. To say that the iEar exceeded my expectations in performance would be a slight understatement. It can clearly handle the load of most, if not all, headsets in the market while being certain that it won’t slip and dump your headphones to the floor. The only caveat is the smoothness of the surface to which you attach it. If it’s slightly rigid or grainy, don’t expect a strong hold; however, on a smooth surface, like the side of a computer case, the hold should remain firm.



Overall, the iEar is a solid release from InWin. The options of white and black will allow it to fit with most builds, and the sturdy design with the exemplary performance make it a worthy component to consider. The only question about this product is whether it’s worth buying or not. The official MSRP is $15. Compared to other headphone hangers out there, the price is excellent. The iEar ends up being much sturdier than desktop hangers that can be knocked over fairly easily. It is cheaper than the ones which anchor to desks or walls and can leave the risk of scratches or leftover holes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything for sale in the US, but it could be that it hasn’t hit these markets yet. It’s true that not everyone will see value in this product, but for those who like to keep their work /play space nice and organized, you can’t go wrong with this hanger. We happily award the InWin iEar the PureOverclock’s Editor’s Choice Award!





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2018-06-21 04:39:00

Not an audiophile but really cool.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Very versatile and simple.


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