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Tempered Glass─Case Protective Shield


So-called “tempered glass” refers to heating up plate glass close to its softening point of 700 degrees Celsius, and then cooling the glass surface rapidly. When tensile stress is formed due to external impact, it will be cancelled out by the powerful compressive stress of the glass, and so the glass will be enhanced.


Features of tempered glass

1. Its strength is approximately 3~5 times that of normal glass.

2. When it is damaged, it will form bean-sized obtuse particles and reduce damages to the human body.

3. It can withstand rapid temperature changes (tempered glass can endure approximately 200°C of temperature change)

(Short introduction video on glass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZveBq4PgWLQ )

*Data source: Taiwan Glass*


Does tempered glass break?

However! Do not think that tempered glass won’t break! This is a myth and misunderstanding that many people have towards tempered glass!

The enhanced effect achieved by tempered glass is just like the “golden shield and iron cloth” that you read about in martial arts novels, almost invulnerable. You can hit tempered glass and it’s almost impossible to break it. It can also withstand 200 degrees Celsius of temperature difference. However, no matter how hard you train the “golden shield”, there’s always a weakness. If you hit its weakness, the “golden shield” will break. It is the same with tempered glass. No matter what type of glass it is, glass is always afraid of being hit at the corners by hard objects. Once the corner is hit, chipping can easily form. When ordinary glass is hit at the corner, the corner will be chipped; but with tempered glass, since high internal pressure already exists within tempered glass, any chipping of the corner will cause an imbalance to the internal stress, and when the internal stress is instantly released, the entire glass will shatter. 


Reasons why tempered glass shatters instantaneously

․Damage caused from hits by hard objects, sparks of splicing and flying objects.

․Crushing damage to the glass during transportation and storage.

․Damage to the glass during embedding.

․Damage due to heat stress and system stress.

․Impact from external forces.

․Damage caused by impurities (NiS) that exist in the glass.

Therefore when you are assembling or disassembling glass material-related products, beware and prevent the corners from being hit by hard objects. Even if it is tempered glass, once its weakness is hit, it will still lose its effect. On the contrary, if you can protect it properly and prevent it from getting hit, it will be unshakable and stay with you forever.





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2018-06-21 04:39:00

I love cases with glass windows. Just gives it a clean look.


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