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Hand-Blow Glass─Mr. Bubble


Mr. Bubble has a smooth and rounded bubble design and handmade glass lines that are unique to each piece, allowing each bubble to be one of a kind. This unique beauty came from its production process – hand-blown glass. The value of hand-blown glass is in its natural beauty. Only handmade natural beauty can create a unique sense of beauty.


What is hand-blown glass?

Hand-blown glass is a traditional skill with a long history. Professional glass-makers use tools to blow the air in their mouths into the glass paste to make it into an artwork or decoration. During earlier periods, only royalty was able to afford hand-blown glass products. Therefore hand-blown glass makers used to be an industry where everybody was envious of the identity, social standard and income that it brought.

In recent years, mass production by machines and plastic products have replaced hand-blown glass, plus younger people only want to work in offices, therefore the hand-blown glass industry took serious impacts. In addition, it takes an average of over 20 years to train a professional hand-blown glass maker. This is why the number of professional hand-blown glass makers with lots of experiences keeps reducing in recent years. 


Hand-blown glass process

There is clear glass liquid smelting in the eight trigrams furnace made with mineral dyes and glass powder by professional glass makers, and then the professional glass maker with over 30 years of experience in hand-blown glass making will use a glass blower made with a long iron pipe to pick-up the weight of the glass liquid with the tip, and then blow into the long iron pipe while paying attention to the blowing force and use a turning and blowing method to sculpt the thickness and shape of the gradually hardening glass paste, and then use mold forming and cooling processes to prevent the glass from cracking due to compression of powerful stresses. Finally, metal material junctions must be cut, smoothed, and dried in order to complete the process successfully. 


Limited Daily Production

Working under extreme high temperature environment where the heated pot is almost 1,000 degree Celsius, is a tough experience both physically and mentally. Glass crafters are required to take a break and drink plenty of water after certain period of time to stay energetic and hydrated. Every step is critical in crafting mouth-blown glassware. As the glassware is so delicate and fragile, it could break easily without careful handling. Therefore, it requires well-experienced and diligent craftsmen to craft every single sphere meticulously.


The Distinctive Artistry of Mouth-blown Glassware

Since every glass crafter has his or her own individual glass-making expertise and experience, slight variations in color, texture, thickness, shape and weights or occasionally some tinny bubbles or inclusions are characteristics of mouth-blown glass.
Unlike machine-made glassware which is manufactured in all identical aspects, mouth-blown glass is truly a confirmation of individual artistry.




2018-06-21 04:39:00

It looks so pretty, looking forward to seeing it on eStore!

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Looks very creative and like nothing I have seen! Hope I could buy it someday!

2018-06-21 04:39:00

This would look very good in my current setup.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

I love the look. You could put a rgb in the base of the glass and have it light up with your case fans.

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