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Birth of Products


Showing hard power and creating identifying qualities
Unrestrained design ideas stimulate unlimited creativity

Before each product is manufactured, the industrial design unit (ID) will first propose design concepts.

Countless assessments and discussions were made from selecting concepts, which then extend towards unrestrained hand drawings. These are then converted into 3D models, and then samples are produced and renovation is performed before a project is finalized and development officially starts.

The design proposals are like salmon returning home; they must past test after test and the eggs that are finally laid are very few…


Prototype development, gradually turning imagination into reality

It is up to the R&D unit of the agency with years of OEM/ODM experience to outline and shape up the painstaking work of designers.

Especially when designers specify the requirements of the materials for the case components, color plans and design concept elements in order to properly display craftsmanship technology almost identical to the manuscript. It requires decades of honing in order to have the capability to achieve this.

It is just like how a habitat that took years to nurture can significantly increase the success rate of eggs hatching.


Uninterrupted precision testing

During the development stage of finished products, several reliability verification tests from the quality assurance unit must be completed, including hardness tests, thermal tests, noise tests and drop tests, etc. in order to ensure the quality standard before it enters the mass production stage.

If verification fails, the components and production processes will be reviewed and then research and development will be performed again on the product for its design and mechanisms.

InWin has always passed quality verifications required by indicative manufacturers and SI cooperates with various countries.


Mass production – another stage of testing

“Able to develop a product doesn’t mean it can be mass produced”

Once the mass production stage is reached, products can no longer be manufactured the way the sample was manufactured; in which production capacity, technology and yield are the most important parts.

In addition to having an eye-catching R&D and design team, having a factory with over 30 years of production technology experience is also something InWin is extremely proud of.

After the mass production stage has officially started, this is when a series of competitions with process and time starts, testing the tacit cooperation between different units from raw material purchasing, molding, stamping, painting, printing to assembling and shipping. This is the beginning of another story…


Listening to consumers

For over 30 years, continuous feedback about InWin has been heard from consumers.

Strong, sturdy, no corner-cuts, full of designs etc.

Once you have experienced InWin cases, you can feel our commitment to our brand

It’s just like the beginning when fish eggs are laid, and then the eggs hatched and the fish slowly grew until thousands of them safely returned to the ocean; although we need to overcome various difficulties in reality during the process, we will continue to go forward.



--In Win 

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2018-06-21 04:39:00

Gained a lot of insight from the In Win team. Thanks for the article!

2018-06-21 04:39:00

I never knew how much testing went into my case. Good to know it can take a little beating :)

2018-06-21 04:39:00

i did not realize how much time was spent on my case how cool

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Great article very interesting

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Very nice.

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