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Anodic Process Gives Cases Power And Beauty


The anodic process adds additional protection for the cases and gives it metallic beauty

InWin chose high quality aluminum alloy metal as the main material. When the anodic process is used on aluminum alloy, it can form a bright and preservative oxide film on the surface. Not only can this enhance the hardness and scratch-resistance capabilities of the metal surface, it also allows easy coloring on the aluminum oxide film surface. It allows more than one color, even colorful gradient colors; if other surface processing is also used, it can further add metallic beauty. 


New highlight under light reflection, S-Frame displays Bright and luxurious colors

The S-Frame, with visual feasts, is the best example of dual anodic processing for its dual-color process. First hair line processing is performed for the aluminum alloy surface to give it a metallic quality, and then the anodic process is used for the entire aluminum alloy plate to make it black, and then the CNC process is used on the edges of the product to make it show its original aluminum alloy color. After that, the anodic process is used again on the bent edges to make it bright red or grandeur gold. The delicate and complicated dual anodic processing give the S-Frame some bright colors so that you can enjoy the joyful dual-color visual feast under light reflections.


Bouncing red, gold and black wizards under the moonlight 805

You can also feel the subtlety of anodic processing in the 805 cases; polished and hair line processing were first used on the front I/O panel aluminum alloy surface, then anodized process is used once to form the preservative oxide film on the surface, and then it was dyed with a single color – red, gold or black. This way the front I/O panel of 805 will display three different colors, bright red, shining gold and low key black, just like bouncing wizard fairies under the moonlight, flashing their eye-catching colorful wings.

It only takes one metallic anodic surface process to add a trace of flavor to classic InWin cases…





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2018-06-21 04:39:00

Wow. Learned a lot from this article. Thanks.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Great article very interesting

2018-06-21 04:39:00

This article gave me some insight on the process.

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