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InWin 805 Mid Tower Chassis Review



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Posted by Stan Miranda on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 8:00am




It seems like every year InWin finds unexpected ways to impress the public, if it’s not with world class chassis designs that no other case manufacture would even dare to think of designing, it’s being the first company to make the move to tempered glass side panels, this may be why InWin is number one in creative ideas.

One thing for sure is that you can’t say that InWin is predictable, you never know what kind of designs they are coming out with from one year to the next’ but you know it’s always going to be something amazing that’s going to blow your mind.

Some of you may scratching your head and saying to yourself “I’ve seen this design somewhere else but let me assure you that you haven’t, what seems familiar is the tempered glass side panels which InWin used on their 904 mid tower and again on the 901 Mini ITX chassis.

This time around InWin went a step further and introduced a tempered glass front panel which I believe is the first of its kind, and just one more reason why InWin is years ahead of other case manufacture’s

Let’s take an in-depth look at the 805 and see what kind of surprises InWin has in store for us. I would like to thank InWin for sending Pro Clockers the new 805 Mid Tower Chassis for review.



The InWin 805 chassis arrived in a plain brown box with the InWin logo in red on the side of the box and in black on the top of the box.

On the opposite side a round sticker letting you know that InWin included one of their iEAR Headphone Hangers for free!

As we open the shipping box you can see that InWin took every precaution to make sure the 805 chassis never had a chance to move around while being shipped to Pro Clockers and arrived in excellent condition.

Once the 805 was pulled from the shipping box, it was nice to see that InWin took extra care of protecting the chassis buy covering it in a black cloth bag to prevent scratching to the chassis.



Unparalleled Panel Design
Dynamic Visual Effects
Unique InWin LED Logo: White LED lighting with Gold & Black Versions, and Red LED lighting with Red Version
Super Speed USB3.1 Type-C
New Form of Aesthetic Simplicity
Exquisite Aluminum Hairline Craftsmanship
Tempered Glass Front Cover and Both Side Panels
Versatile HDD Mounting Positions for OptimizedFunctionality
Excellent Liquid Cooling Support at the Front & Rear of the 805
Supports High-End Graphic Cards up to 320mm / 12.6”





Let me start out by saying that the tempered glass panels make the 805 a very hard chassis to photograph due to reflections, but it’s a small price to pay for such a classy looking chassis. Here we see the left side tempered glass panel as well as the front panel which is also made from tempered glass.

The right front and side of the 805 is just as exquisites the left side, making the 805 a very sexy chassis that anyone would be proud to own and show off to their friends and family.

The rear of the 805 is kind of plain looking; you have the rear I/O on the left side and a 120mm fan grill on the right. Below the rear I/O we find 8 expansion slots and the power supply bay.

Here’s a close up of the PSU bay, the opening extends all the way through to the front HDD cage. Below the PSU bay, you can also see the rear support legs which has two rubber pads for feet. Between the front and the rear supports all 4 rubber pads hold the 805 firmly in place.

Moving on to the bottom of the 805, in the next two photos you can see the four rubber pads that I mentioned as well as a magnetic filter that’s easily removed for cleaning.

Let’s take a look at the 805 accessories package that comes with the free InWin iEar Headset holder, the805 manual and various mounting screws & washers. InWin also included 5 stick on cable clamps, 10 cable ties and a special cloth for cleaning the tempered glass panels, which has a bad habit of collecting finger prints every time you touch them, but once again it’s a small price to pay for owning such an exquisite chassis.

The InWin 805 comes with some special color options, you can choose from Red, Black or Gold for your front I/O panel.

The InWin Logo also comes with different LED lighting options, such as White LED lighting for the Black and Gold versions, and Red LED lighting for the805 Red version.

Last, Super Speed Transmission from USB 3.1 Type-C port for ultimate data speed transfers up to 10Gb/s which is twice as fast as USB 3.0. Actual data transfer speeds will depend on your motherboards specifications.

Let’s move on to the interior photo section of our review.



To remove the left and right side panels, you must first remove the four screws located at the top and bottom of the tempered glass panels as shown in the photo below.

Next we see the left side interior of InWin 805, which includes a good size cut out for installing CPU cooler back plates. If InWin had made this cut out at least an inch wider it would have been the perfect size. There are also a total of 8 cable routing holes; I know it looks like there’s more but 3 of the holes are where the SSD mounting brackets are located.

In our next photo we take a look at the inside front of the 805 and particularly the front radiator bracket which can hole a 240mm or 280mm radiator or two 120mm or 140mm fans. We also have the HDD cage located at the bottom front which also includes mounting for a single SSD on the top of the cage.

To remove the radiator support bracket, you must first remove 2 thumb screws. One is located at the bottom front of the radiator support and the other one at the top front. Both thumb screws can be easily removed with your fingers.

Here’s a photo of the radiator support once it’s been removed. Mounting holes are clearly marked by being stamped into the support bracket, so it’s very easy to mount a 240mm or 280mm radiator, or perhaps two 120mm or 140mm fans.

Moving on to the inside rear of the 805, we can see the PSU bay located at the bottom with a white sticker that shows you the correct way to mount your power supply. 8 expansion slots as well as a 120mm exhaust fan and the rear I/O can also be seen.

In the next two photos I’ll be showing you two other mounting possibilities for the HDD cage. These positions can be used as long as you’re not planning on running a 240mm or 280mm radiator up front. Here we see the HDD cage moved to the top position.

In the next photo the HDD cage has been mounted towards the bottom front of the 805 chassis:

In our next photo we take a look at the HDD trays as well as the SSD mounting bracket from the top of the HDD cage.

Here’s a close up of the SSD mounting, there are 3 more of these brackets located on the right side of the chassis giving you the option to mount a total of 4 SSDs, which we did for this review.

With the right side panel removed, you can see that InWin has given you the option of installing 3 more SSDs on the rear of motherboard tray. Up top and towards the middle we find mounting for a 2nd SSD and if you look down at the lower right you will find the option to mount a 3rd and 4th SSD. The SSD mounting brackets can be removed by unscrewing a single thumb screw.


Build and Installation

Time to move on to the 805 system install. For the 805 review I decided to use the following hardware:

ASRock X99 - OC Formula Motherboard
‧ Intel 5930K CPU
‧ NZXT Kraken X61 CPU cooler
‧ 32GBs of Kingston Predator DDR4 2133MHz
‧ 3 X EVGA GTX980 Ti in Triple-SLI
‧ EVGA 3 Way SLI Bridge
‧ Kingston Savage 960GB SSD as our boot drive
‧ 3 Crucial 1TB SSDs for superfast storage
‧ OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W power supply with factory sleeved cables to power our high-end X99 system

Let’s start out with a photo of our high-end build which was taken from the left side of the InWin 805 Chassis.

Here’s our X99 TRI-SLI beast in all its glory. You have to admit it looks pretty sweet installed in the 805 chassis. It’s not cramped at all and plenty of room for the components to run nice and cool seeing as the 805 is a mid-tower chassis.

Here’s another shot of our InWin 805 build taken at a left to front angle

In our next two photos I would like to show you the rear of the motherboard tray with three Crucial 1TB SSDs installed.

Finally, a photo of the 805 rear panel, now filled out with our X99 TRI-SLI system.



Once again InWin left us impressed with the 805 chassis, it’s everything they said it would be, it’s one beautiful chassis that’s also very well made.

On the plus side, having both side panels as well as the front panel made from tempered glass is outstanding, I wish more case manufactures would do this. In regards to cooling options, being able to mount either a 240mm or 280mm radiator in the front section of the 805 and a 120mm radiator or AIO CPU Cooler in the rear of the 805 shows us that InWin is finally on board with the water cooling community, so let's hope to see a new chassis from InWin with mounting for a 360mm Rad or possibly a 480mm Rad by the time the next CES rolls around !

Another plus is having mounting hardware installed in the 805 for a total of 4SSDs as well as a couple of platter drives. An/d that the HDD cage can be moved to 3 different positions to fit your build as long as you do not plan on using a front mounted radiator

Let's not forget about 805 front I/O having USB 3.1 Type-C port for massive transfer speed or being able to choose the color of your front I/O panel.

 If you do not like Black, you also have the option of choosing Gold or Red. And last the LED lighting on the InWin Logo, Black and Gold I/O panels come with White LED lighting and the Red I/O panel comes with Red LED lighting.

At the time that this review was published(Note: It's Here! 805 Now On Sale:Link). Yes the 805 is kind of expensive for a mid tower chassis, and it may not be for everyone, but you do get a beautiful looking chassis that can hold a high-end build and at the same time keep it cool.


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2018-06-21 04:39:00

This is a beautiful high end case for computer enthusiasts ! The In Win 805 Type C tempered glass case that is tempered glass and brush aluminum. It is well made and will be a great showpiece on any desk.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Fantastic article. I learned a lot about the product. Thank you. Can't wait to see mine up and running.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

Very elegant case. I wish to purchase this next.

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