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805 A Fusion of Science Technology and Aesthetics


Only the Finest at InWin

For we are determined to bring you the best, each chassis begins with the selection of the finest elements and is brought to perfection with great passion. The 805 inherited the elegance from its pioneers and features a detailed structure constructed with a precious alloy and innovative side panels, plus anodized front strip I/O, prevents scratches and shows a unique character.


InWin Classic Brushed-Hairline Aluminum Casing

Made from the finest material, the main structure of 805 unit is composed of aluminum, whose natural property allows it to stay resistant to corrosion. Its hardness and beauty makes it an ideal candidate for PC case making. Both the front panel and the upper board is meticulously polished and completed with a classic brushed-hairline finish, leaves it with a sophisticated look. The front strip I/O aluminum design also features diamond cut edges for a premium look.


Crystal-Clear Tempered Glass

Both sides and front panels of 805 are finished with tempered glass which enables maximum clarity for system display. The tempered glass is specially treated with heat at 700-degree Celsius and cooled down rapidly to strengthen its property. With the same thickness, its pressure and temperature-change tolerance is twice as high as the regular glass and it is able to withstand extreme thermal impact. While the 3mm tinted temper glass offers great protection, it lets you to enjoy and share your build with others.





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2018-06-21 04:39:00

This case is so clean.

2018-06-21 04:39:00

I really love cases with glass windows.

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