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Brand Story


For 30 years, InWin has been committed to keeping focused and doing our best. We continue to challenge ourselves to achieve the impossible.


Brand evolution



In 1996, production lines were fully deployed, automation introduced and quality control system implemented, establishing technological capability and product quality, with innovative speed, value and safety in service.


A new brand logo was introduced in 2006, becoming the corporate logo.


Development of the retail market began in 2006. To put the InWin brand on the world map, and strengthen communication with consumers, a new brand logo was created.


Corporate logo

With the company name “InWin” cleverly integrated into the logo,
and speed lines that wrap around the logo representing ascendance,
it draws attention to InWin’s business integrity, drive for innovation and aspiration to be the brightest spot in the world.


Brand logo

In 2006, the new “InWin” brand logo encompassing the concepts of “style and innovation” was officially unveiled. A wide array of new-generation chassis products was launched, taking InWin into the high-end computer DIY retail market and bringing the InWin brand from behind-the-scene of the industry to the front facing the users directly. InWin began making inroads worldwide, communicating with consumers, and introducing the user experience that combines aesthetics and technology.

The design of the brand logo was inspired by the Chinese calligraphy character “如”,
which represents “good fortune” or “fulfillment of one’s wishes”.

Bright and energetic red emphasizes InWin’s continued passion in the pursuit of the new and innovative. The rounded flowing line conveys the perfect harmony between technology and art, and expresses InWin’s core value of fulfilling customers’ wishes.

Infinite possibilities come from InWin's unfaltering focus and commitment.






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Amazing article.

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Pretty Interesting 5/5

2018-06-21 04:39:00

I expect greater designs in the future.

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