Neptune AN120
Neptune AN120
Neptune AN120
Neptune AN120
Neptune AN120
Neptune AN120
Neptune AN120
Neptune AN120

Neptune AN120

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Introducing InWin’s Neptune AN fans, a cosmic blend of aesthetics and innovation. Witness mesmerizing ARGB lighting effects, and enjoy peaceful cooling thanks to the Turbine Blade design silencing the process.

Quantity Included:3 Pack
  1. Silent Static Pressure Fan
  2. InWin’s Signature Turbine Blade Design
  3. ARGB Glamour Lighting
  4. Lock-N-Go Cable


Model Neptune AN120
Quantity Included Triple Pack
Model Number IW-FN-AN120-3PK
Colors Black
Fan Size 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Materials PBT, PC
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Rated Power 1.92W
Rated Current 0.17A
ADD RGB Rated Voltage DC 5V
ADD RGB Rated Power 1.4W
ADD RGB Rated Current 0.28A
Speed Mode PWM 900 - 2200 +/- 10% RPM
Air Flow 23.87 - 60.1 CFM
Air Pressure 0.36 - 2.27 mm / H2O
LED Addressable RGB
Connector (Fan to Fan) Non-Modular Cables
Connector to M/B 4-Pin (12V, PWM), 3-Pin (5V, ARGB)
Noise Level 20.5 dB(A) (Normal)
Bearing Type Long Lifespan Sleeve Bearing
MTBF >36,000 hrs
Net Weight 541 g / 1.19 lbs
Gross Weight 803 g / 1.77 lbs
Package Dimensions (L x W x H)

131 x 91 x 170 mm
5.15 x 3.58 x 6.7"

Warranty 3 Years
* InWin's products comply with RoHS regulation.
* Specifications may vary based on different regions.

Acoustically Silent

The Neptune AN 120 maintain efficiency while sustaining a silent, tranquil environment. The PWM runs from 900 RPM and can boost up to 2,200 RPM. The hushed noise level is a mere 20.5dB(A) at normal operation.

Premium Balanced Performance

The Neptune fans strike the ideal balance between thermal performance and tranquility, delivering excellent results in the critical mid-section of the PQ-Curve and providing your PC with an exceptional cooling experience.

Turbine Blade Design

InWin’s signature Turbine Blade design creates a more concentrated airflow, preventing air leakage and irritating noise pollution.

ARGB Splendor

Indulge in the captivating ARGB lighting effects since the Neptune AN fans possess eight individual ARGB LEDs to enrich the PC’s overall visual aesthetic.

Lock-N-Go ARGB Cable

Buckle up with InWin’s exclusive anti-slide ARGB cable connector! The Neptune AN fans are equipped with the Lock-N-Go ARGB cable to prevent any form of disconnection.


Neptune AN120 Fans x 3
Screws x 12
PWM Fan Extension Cables 500 mm x 2
ARGB Extension Cables 500 mm x 2

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InWin’s Fans Compatibility Note:
1. Do not chain up your fans with other fans in with different cables types.
2. ARGB fans and RGB fans are not compatible with each other.