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InWin SR36 PRO

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Approximately five months after the launch of the In Win SR36, which adopted the patented pump unit with a built-in twin turbine, the power-up model SR36 PRO with improved cooling Performance is released. As the name "PRO" bears, it has been strengthened everywhere. First, let's introduce the features and differences from the series. The biggest feature of the SR PRO is the large water block with dual pump equipped with turbines on the in and out sides of the coolant, which is patented by In Win. Also the water block part is full of features. In SR PRO, the housing material Has been upgraded to aluminum alloy, and the top LED illumination has been changed to addressable ARGB LEDs. In addition to the top of the radiator, the 120mm fans are also equipped with an LED illumination function.

The InWin SR36 PRO has the following specifications:

Package & Contents

The box is black blue with a huge splash of color to grab your attention and let you know that the cooler is ARGB equipped. The appearance of InWin SR36 PRO can be seen directly on the front of the package, and the model number is indicated in the upper left corner.


The infinity symbol at the top symbolizes that the water-cooled radiator has a twin-turbo cold head.

The back and one side are white so that the specifications etc. are easy to read. There are features and support socket descriptions on the back of the package.

Like pretty much every other all-in-one liquid cooler these days, the In Win SR36 PRO comes in a simple cardboard tray for protection. A thin sheet of foam on top keeps things fairly secure, but I wouldn't expect it to protect much of anything. That having been said, while I am not a fan of it over proper foam, the fact remains that the packaging has proven more than adequate time and time again. The box contains the InWin SR36 PRO body, as well as three AJF120 fans.


Standoff screws for Socket AM4 (x4).

Standoff screwS for Socket TR4 (x4).

Standoff screws for LGA1200 / 115 x / 1366 (x4).

Standoff screws for LGA20XX (x4).

Back plate for Intel CPUs such as LGA1200.


Water block fixing screws. Same for both Intel and AMD (x4).

Water block brackets for Intel.

Water block brackets for AMD.

Fan/s mounting screws.

Screws for the radiator to the PC case.

Washers for mounting the fan/s.

Thermal paste.

The main cable that connects to the water block. Power is supplied to pumps and fans all at once. Also equipped with addressable RGB LED header pins.

Addressable RGB LED cable for fans and LED controller switch for non-addressable RGB LED compatible motherboards.

There is no instruction manual. You can enter the instruction page through the attached QR code.

A Closer Look

SR36 PRO uses a 360mm size aluminum radiator that can mount three 120mm fans.

The actual size is 397mm, which is 37mm longer than 360mm with 3 120mm fans, but it can be said that it can be mounted on many PC cases that claim to support 360mm radiators without any problem.

The thickness of the radiator is 27mm.

The fin density of the aluminum radiator has also been improved and the cooling performance has been strengthened.

There are twin turbo and InWin logos on both sides of radiator. The workmanship is quite good. The paint is almost flawless.

Since the water block body is made of a mirror surface, it is easier to leave scratches, so it is protected by a plastic film when it leaves the factory. It is recommended to tear it off after installation.

The top of the pump has a mirror effect when it is not powered on. The InWin logo will be displayed after the power is turned on. You can manually change it through the RGB control software of the controller or the motherboard. This logo can not only be used for decoration. If the pump of the water-cooled body is abnormal, It will turn into red and blue flashing lights to remind users.

The water tube is protected by a nylon sleeve, the tube length is 400 mm, and the tube diameter is actually measured 12 mm. The water-cooled pipe joint of the cold head can be rotated 360 degrees and the angle can be changed, which makes the assembly more convenient, and does not have to worry about the interference of the water-cooled pipe with the higher memory. The water tube is easy to handle, and there should be no problem when mounting it on the top or front of a large PC case. By changing the mounting direction of the fixed mounter, the position of the water tube can be changed, so it seems to be compatible with a wide range of PC cases. Aluminum alloy is used for the housing. Along with the luxurious appearance, it seems that you can expect heat dissipation from the built-in LED and pump.

Since the water block has a built-in twin turbine, the total height is 100 mm, which is quite large as an all-in-one water cooling unit. However, the width and depth are 68mm, so there is no fear of interference with the CPU socket area. In addition, the water tube comes out from both sides of the main body, so even a memory that uses a tall heat spreader will not interfere.

Equipped with turbines on the in and out sides of the coolant. The mechanism itself to increase the circulation speed of the coolant. By operating the two in parallel is simple, but by increasing the flow rate of the coolant that circulates in the copper base plate that uses microchannel fins, which is the key to cooling, the CPU core it becomes possible to suppress the temperature rise. The internal turbine speed is 2400 ± 10% RPM.

Furthermore, it also supports a fail-safe function that allows the other turbine to operate even if one turbine fails. In case of failure, you can rest assured that the LED on the top of the water block is equipped with a function to notify you of the failure.

The side connector is connected to the motherboard.

The CPU contact surface is protected by a plastic film, so remember to tear it off when you use it.

The CPU contact surface adopts pure copper heat conduction base, which brings high-quality heat dissipation effect. The size of the cold head is 68 x 68 x 100 mm.

The model number of the attached fan is the commercially available "Jupiter Series AJF120", but the maximum fan speed has increased from 1,800 rpm to Rpm 2,500, Improving The Maximum Air Volume And Static Pressure. At The Same Time, The Durability Has Doubled From 30,000Hrs To 60,000Hrs.

In addition to the top of the water block, the 120mm fan is also equipped with an LED illumination function. Close-up of the fan, the transparent fan blades can show through the RGB light.

The ARGB lighting part can be controlled independently through the attached controller or synchronized through the motherboard control.

The four corners of the fan are designed with anti-vibration rubber pads, and the connector is 4-pin PWM control, 3-pin 5V ARGB.

By using the LED control function mounted on the volume such as ASRock "Polychrome Sync", ASUS "Aura Sync", GIGABYTE "RGB Fusion", MSI "Mystic Light Sync", it is also possible to synchronize with the LED illumination on the volume.

Installation Process & Finished Looks

AM4 can be installed by diverting the standard back panel. Intel needs to install a backplate for LGA 115X and 1200. The backplate of SR36 PRO is designed with four-corner rotation, which can more accurately align the radiator and punch holes. Switch the Intel backplate pins according to the CPU socket of your motherboard.

Choose your Mounting Bracket according to your CPU.

Install the standoff screws onto your motherboard. Ensure to use the correct standoff screws for your CPU socket. Install the pump unit and then tighten it with the Thumbscrews.

In addition, since the InWin logo on the cold head cannot be rotated, if you want the logo to be positive in the case, you must turn the side of the cold head cable toward the memory.

On the fan side, the included InWin AJF120 uses a special 3 to 1 wire connection mode for ARGB and fan wires, which can be connected in series, making the whole wire easier and reducing the occupation of the motherboard connector. It uses 4-Pin PWM connector and its own special 5V ARGB connector.

The presence of a large water block with an aluminum exterior is outstanding. The infinity symbol and the engraving that imaged the twin turbine and the In Win logo are also good.

The water block and fan LEDs of the "SR36 PRO" can be controlled from the MSI "Mystic Light".

Rotation control of various fans can be performed from "User Scenario" of MSI comprehensive utility "Dragon Center".

Test System & Methology

Test System:

Cpu:Intel Core i7-6700K@4.8 GHz.
Motherboard:Gigabyte G1.Sniper Z170
Memory:16Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666Mhz
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB SC2
Power Supply: EVGA SuperNova 1200 P2
Storage Drive: 3TB Seagate Barracuda
Boot Drive: SSD 850 PRO 2.5" SATA III 2TB
Chassis: Dimastech Bench Table Easy V2.5
Windows 10 64-bit


CPUID HW Monitor 1.23
Prime 95

I am testing the performance as follows:

Ambient temperatures are kept at 23C throughout my tests.
The CPU Fan is set to 100% to eliminate inconsistencies as a result of PWM control.
Idle temperatures are obtained after booting the PC and idling on the desktop for 30 minutes.
Load temperatures are obtained after running Prime 95′s for 30 minutes.


True to my expectations and experience we don't see a whole lot of variance at Idle Stock. When nothing is going on most coolers will be able to get the CPU to around the same temperature. The differences start to take a different shape when a load is applied, however.

Overclocking the CPU barely made an impact on the heat either, with incredible idle temperatures, and just 57C under full load.

Appreciate the extra performance? InWin SR36 PRO delivers exactly that, albeit with a tad more commotion than all of its rivals (except custom loops of course).

The noise levels are pretty much what we expected too. Now, I will say that at full load they do seem a lot louder than many air coolers, and they are. However, in the grand scheme of things, they're no louder than any other AIO we've experienced. The pump was very quiet during operation and therefore hardly noticeable.

Final Thoughts

The InWin SR36 PRO is equipped with high cooling performance that improves the circulation amount of coolant and a fail-safe mechanism that continues to operate even if one of the turbines fails. It stands out among all-in-one water cooling units that leave little room for progress. While the default clocked performance showed more traditional results, it was the opposite when we started to tweak. The kit really showed it has a lot of extra capacity available. In terms of raw thermal performance with the fans and pump speed cranked up to the maximum RPM, the InWin SR36 PRO is simply one of the best 360mm AIO we have tested to date. The fans used are some of the highest rated in airflow and static pressure that we have tested with in quite some time. To get the cooling efficiency that we saw, speed of the fans has to be fast, and with that comes chopping the air coming into the fans. The nice thing about this is that you always have the option to allow the PWM controls on your motherboard keep the fans at a more enjoyable level, but at the expense of some of the performance. A good all-in-one water cooling is of course not only simply superior heat dissipation performance, but also has a certain level in appearance. InWin SR36 PRO uses high-quality aluminum alloy material on the pump. The AJF120 is also a transparent fan blade with ARGB function, which makes the whole exudes a pretty good texture. The lighting effect of InWin SR36 PRO is surprisingly bright and would do a really good job of lighting up your whole system by itself. The kit is all inclusive with everything you will need. The hardware is very secure, rigid, and easy to work with. Mounting both the head unit to the motherboard as well as getting the radiator into the case is also made easy.

Taken as a whole, the latest generation of InWin SR PRO coolers is highly impressive. Thermal performance is perhaps the best we have seen on our test bench to date for an 360mm AIO and will be the benchmark we use to compare all future coolers against. Interestingly, we’re seeing performance AIO's compete with custom watercooling solutions and edging them out in some instances. However, this sometimes does come at a significant cost, as the InWin SR36 PRO’s $190 price approaches open-loop watercooling territory. System builders with tight budgets will likely bypass the new flagship InWin SR36 PRO rather than embracing its added features and performance. Its performance is Excellent. The workmanship can also only be described as impeccable. And once you get tired of its looks you can fire up the motherboards software, change up what’s on the ARGB fans and top of the pump, and give your system that cool “new cooler” look.

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Hello admin, Good job!

Hello admin, Good job!

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